My Top Five Skincare Products


I have decided to pick my top five skincare products and explain to you guys why I love them. I am such a hoarder when it comes to skincare products, but these are five products I swear by.


The first item I chose is not really a skincare product as such, but my Magnitone Barefaced! Daily Face Brush is one of the best things I have ever used!
The item itself is £70, which may seem a little pricey, but you should definitely think of it as an investment. This may sound exaggerated, but after just one use of this brush, my skin felt silky smooth. After a few weeks of using this my blemishes have decreased significantly and I don’t think I could ever live without it.

The best part about this product is that it’s so easy to use! I use mine everyday in the shower and it has a timer which tells you when it’s time to move on to the next section of your face. It’s so easy you could clean your face in under a minute.


The second product I chose is my Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum. My first attraction to this product was definitely the citrus scent it has. I personally love the scent and having my skin constantly smell this way is a dream. I use this product everyday before applying my moisturiser and the fact that you can instantly feel your skin tightening is amazing. My pores have definitely reduced a lot since using it.

The main reason why I love this product is the fact that it protects your skin from issues such as environmental pollution. As I live in a busy city, this is definitely very important to me. Again this is definitely a product worth investing in.


The next product I have chosen is Mask of Magnamity face and body mask by Lush. I have tried way too many face masks and I am so happy to have finally found one I can stick with. I use this mask on my face at least one a week and it is perfect for a pamper night.

Once it starts to dry, this mask leaves an amazing tingly feeling on your skin which is one of the main reasons why I love using it. My skin is quite sensitive to harsh products, but every product I have tried from Lush agrees with me which is perfect. If you’re looking for a product to help sort out problematic skin, I would definitely recommend you try this product.


The fourth product I chose is the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur PrimerI have expressed my love for this primer before and you can read why I adore it so much here. If you’re looking to try out a new Primer I would definitely give this one a shot.


The last product I chose is an all time favourite. The Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion is a self-tanner which I always seem to go back to. If you’re looking for a natural glow to your skin, this lotion is definitely what you need. The price of this is very reasonable and I always find it on offer at my local drugstore or supermarket.

Unlike many other self-tan lotions I have used, this product dries pretty quickly so you don’t have to stand around for ages waiting for it to set. It also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth which is an added bonus!
Dove is a brand I can always rely on and I feel like I will continue to use this product forever!

Have you tried any of these products before?
Let me know what your favourite skincare products are!


Bloggers Fashion Week in London

On Monday I was lucky enough to spend the day at the Bloggers Fashion Week organised by The Bloggers Hangout. Before attending I had never been to a blogging event as big as this and it’s safe to say it definitely exceeded my expectations.

The event was based in the OXO Tower Wharf in Southbank London and I couldn’t have picked a better location myself. The rooms were decorated beautifully and the view from the event was stunning.

When I arrived I was amazed by how friendly everybody was and the brands were very helpful in introducing their products. My a few of my favourite brands from the event include Magnitone London (who kindly gifted me a Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush which I cannot wait to try out), True Brit London, Motel and Halo Hair Extensions – along with many more which I will be sure to mention in my upcoming posts where I will be reviewing their products.

The event was split in to two sessions with both including a fashion show which was a great way to break up the event and keep people entertained. The atmosphere was incredible and I am so happy that I decided to travel to London to attend the event. After spending six hours there I was exhausted, but I managed to pick up plenty of information and business cards from the brands I met. It’s safe to say I cannot wait to review the items I was so generously gifted.

As you can see it is going to take me a while to get through them but I am determined to review them all. 
I am so pleased to have made so many contacts and I can’t wait to attend my next event!