ARK Skincare Primer Review – Sample Giveaway

I was recently lucky enough to meet with a few fabulous ladies working at ARK Skincare and I was really interested in the products they had to offer.

ARK Skincare is an Age Aware brand which stocks many different products which help reduce the signs of aging by protecting, defending and defying the skin. As I turned twenty one this year I decided that I would take anti-aging more seriously when it comes to my skincare routine, which made this brand very appealing to me.

I was able to try out some of the face creams which left my skin feeling silky smooth in seconds. If you’re looking for a new face cream to try out I would definitely recommend this brand.


As I tend to wear makeup almost every day I decided to take home one of their primers to try out. I can honestly say that this is one of the best primers I have used. After applying my usual face cream, I applied a small amount of this primer on my face and neck and proceeded to apply my makeup as usual.

I was pleased to find that my makeup glided on smoothly and that it also stayed in place for the whole day – this product did everything you would want in a primer. What made me love this product even more is the fact that it is anti-aging. Obviously I can’t review the effectiveness of the anti-aging after only using the product for a few days but it will be interesting to see how my skin reacts to this product.


I was lucky enough to receive a couple of small sachets of the primer and I would love to give these away to anybody willing to try out this wonderful primer.

I only have a few spare but if you would be interesting in receiving one feel free to drop me and email and let me know your address so that I can get these posted to you. I hope you enjoy using this product as much as I do!


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