Mojitea Review

This week I was introduced to The Bluebird Tea Company whilst attending a blogging event in London. As you may already know I am obsessed with herbal teas and green tea in particular, so this product stood out for me straight away.

The teabag I chose to review was one of my favourites from the wide range of teas they provide. As I am a big fan of cocktails, and Mojitos in particular, I decided to go for the Mojitea. Of course the tea doesn’t include alcohol, but the refreshing taste is exactly the same as what you would find within the cocktail. Before even drinking the tea you can smell the refreshing flavours bursting from the bag. This tea is a blend of green tea, peppermint and lime, the perfect combination.


With teas such as these you can choose to drink them hot or cold. I chose to drink my hot seeing as it was a chilly day and a hot tea always seems to wake me up in the morning. This tea definitely did the trick. The fresh taste which is revealed from this amazing tea bag allowed me to start my day off perfectly. I am very pleased with this tea and I will definitely be bulk buying my next lot.

If you are looking for a change to your regular green tea, or just looking for a refreshing tea, then I would definitely recommend trying The Bluebird Tea Company.

You will find these teas in many of your local health stores as well as online at https://bluebirdteaco.com  

They have a wide range of teas to suit different tastes and I am sure you will find something you love.


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