Estée Lauder Beauty Blogging Event.

This week I was given the amazing opportunity to attend an Estée Lauder beauty blogging event in Cardiff. Estée Lauder has been one of the biggest skincare, makeup and fragrance companies for over 60 years and this event was a great way for me to gain some insight into the company and the products on offer.

Not many people know this, but Estée Lauder is home to 26 brands including MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Michael KorsThe success of the company is huge and with Kendal Jenner as the new face of Estée Lauder, already gaining them 50,000 new instagram followers, the only way is up for this beauty company.

When I arrived at the blogging event I was welcomed by the organiser Rebecca, who explained to me that we would be trying out some of the skincare products, along with the makeup range which I was very excited about!

The first products we looked at were the latest fragrances, the original Modern Muse and  newest woody scent, Modern Muse Chic. Both of these fragrances smelt lovely, but my favourite was the original Modern Muse. Rebecca explained to us how the scents were made up of two different notes, which meant that it appealed to more diversity of women. She also explained how the name of the fragrance was chosen as it is inspirational for women, which I feel gave the perfume more of a personal touch.


If you’re thinking of trying out a new fragrance then I definitely recommend this to you! If you visit Boots in St Davids Cardiff, there is an iPad next to the display which helps you decide which fragrance best fits your personality.

Next up it was time to look at the skincare range, something I was looking forward to as I always suffer with bad skin and was interested to see what products they had on offer. The beauty consultants reminded us that preparing your skin before applying makeup was very important, as well as the removal of makeup at the end of the day. I tend to be quite good when it comes to take off my makeup properly, and spending money on products which will help my skin look beautiful is something I am always willing to do.

We were shown a range of skincare products, but my favourite seemed to be the Perfectly Clean range. Perfectly Clean is available in three different forms; a cream (perfect for dry skin), a gel (for oily skin) and a foam (for anyone to use). This product is a toner which is used to help your skin maintain it’s natural pH levels which is important when applying heavy foundations as it helps your makeup look more natural. Each version of the product helps different skin types which is great as it is suitable for everyone.

image (7)

Another skincare product which I was impressed with was the award winning Advanced Night Repair Serum. The bottle may seem small but you only need five small drops and you’re sorted, leaving the product to last for a long while.This product not only helps keep skin protected and glowing, but it can also be used to refresh your makeup.

image (6)

After sitting down and hearing about the products, it was only right that we tried them out for ourselves in order to get an honest opinion. Our makeup was stripped off and our skin was treated with these wonderful products. The routine applied on my face felt refreshingly light and surprisingly for me, I wasn’t embarrassed to walk around bare faced. I have even decided to attach a photo of me without any makeup on.

image (4)  image (3)

So after our skin was prepped and ready to go, we headed down to the beauty counter to get our foundation matched and our makeup reapplied. Julie was the woman who applied my makeup for me, and she was very friendly and helpful. Before this experience I always felt cautious when walking up to makeup counters, but I now know this was silly mistake to make as everyone I met was lovely. Julie decided to go with a Pure Coloured Envy Impassioned with a Coral lip liner (which is my new favourite) along with a modern wing.

After our makeup was done we were presented with some lovely freebies, which included some of the skincare products I mentioned earlier on in the blog. I was very happy with the result and the day as a whole. The event was great and I am looking forward to my next beauty blogging event!

image (5)

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