Review on Benefit Foundation

After spending years trying to find the right foundation, I have finally found one which does my face justice.

For a while now I have been thinking about trying out a new foundation but I was either too stingy or just too unsure on what product to try out. I must admit that I have always loved Boujois makeup and for a long time I used their foundation, it’s good for coverage and a reasonable price but I felt that I might as well try something better if it meant that it would last longer and do a much better job.

So after receiving my student loan, I found myself in Boots ready to do a routine makeup haul. But this time I decided to talk to one of the women at the Benefit counter. I am normally very hesitant with things like this because I always feel that I am going to get judged for having bad skin or not looking like a model, but she made me feel really comfortable and applied the right shade for me in order to help me choose the perfect foundation. I feel like I am writing to promote Benefit workers but I honestly couldn’t say a bad word about this woman, the conversation I had with her was genuine and it didn’t feel like she was just trying to sell me a product.

None the less I did buy the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid AND powder foundation, just because it made my skin look so soft and bright (hence it being called brightening makeup). I’ve used it every day so far and it doesn’t even look like it has been touched so I am hoping that it will last me a while because I really am pleased with this purchase. I could have easily went crazy and tried out all of the other products on offer with how happy I was, but knowing how bad I am at saying no I decided to take my products and leave.

If anyone is conscious with the way their skin looks, I think that this is definitely worth a try. Even after using both the liquid and powder, it’s pleasantly surprising how light it feels on your skin. It also lasts all day without wearing off and is such a good product to use in preparation for a night out!

As you can tell I am really happy that I decided to buy these products and I think that you should all go and treat yourself too, you won’t be disappointed!


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