Review of Bootea Teatox

I have always thought of doing a detox and in the past I have done quite a few by following gym plans and other methods, but after a few people recommended doing a teatox I thought it would be interesting to try it.
Anybody who knows me would tell you that I love tea. Whilst at University one of the only things that you would always find in my cupboard is tea, so doing a detox which involved drinking tea sounded perfect.

Whilst looking for the right ‘teatox’ I read many reviews on a range of different brands, one which stood out to me in particular was Bootea. The results seemed realistic and there were no real horrific side effects, which I did seem to find in other brands. Bootea costs a little bit more than many of the other teabags which you can buy, but this made me think that maybe that would mean that it would work a lot better than the others.

A friend of mine had also recently finished doing the 14 day teatox and had told me that she had great results. This gave me the push I needed to go out and buy myself some (along with just being paid from my new job).

With Bootea you can either buy a set of 14 day and night teabags, 28 day and night teabags or even just day teabags for people who don’t want such of an intense detox. I decided that I would start off by trying the set of 14 day and night teatox and hope for the best. The teabags came at £20 from Holland and Barrett, which seems a bit pricey compared to the other teabags, but by paying the little extra it meant that I was hopefully guaranteed to see some results within the two weeks.

When you buy the teabags you have the option to go online and follow the Bootea eating plan which helps get maximum results. I decided to follow the eating plan as much as possible, but I did swap some of the fruit and vegetables mentioned for others which I liked a lot more. But as long as you follow the basic plan I don’t really think it matters too much. One thing which did surprise me at first was that they ask you to stop eating any meat apart from fish. I thought that this would be hard but it’s actually really easy and I hardly even noticed that I wasn’t eating any other meat.

I actually have two days left of my teatox but I felt that I would write the review early as I know that I will be busy with moving back to University and would be really busy. I don’t really think that there will be much of a change within the next two days anyway, plus I am actually really happy with the result so far.

After completely 12 days of Bootea I feel like I have a lot more energy than I did before. When I first started I decided to not weigh myself until the very end, but curiosity got the better of me. Since starting the teatox I have lost just over 8lbs! It’s also helped my skin clear up a lot, which I always have problems with.

I am actually really glad that I decided to purchase this tea and after freshers week I will definitely be buying another set. If anyone wants to try a new way of detoxing, I recommend that you buy Bootea.

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