My first published article.

I have finally had my first article published in a magazine! As mentioned in previous posts, I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time in London this summer and gain work experience with Immediate Media. They allowed me to work on a few of their magazines and the first of which has been published is a children’s magazine. The magazine being Peter Rabbit.

When I was younger I used to read Peter Rabbit books, so when I found out that I would be working on a magazine based on his adventures, I was very excited. So after having my amazing experience with Immediate Media, I was thrilled to receive an email telling me that the magazine had been published and that my work had been included.

I immediately rushed to Asda to buy my first copy (and one for my boyfriend). After flicking through the magazine, I realised that they had used my story as one of the main pieces for the magazine. I couldn’t be more happier. Experiences like these really make me want to do well and continue to have my work published. I think everyone should buy the magazine, simply because you can never be too old to read a story about Peter Rabbit. Once again I would like to thanks Immediate Media for giving me such an amazing opportunity and making me feel welcome, I can’t wait to go back and work with them.

IMG_1760[1] IMG_1762[1] IMG_1764[1]

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