Bristol Harbour Festival

I have a new part time job in Aldi which I get paid £7.95 an hour which is so much better than my crappy waitressing job woo.

This weekend is the Harbour Festival in Bristol. I had planned to spend my whole weekend sitting there in the sun, but the weather has been a let down today and I think I over did it a bit yesterday too. I decided to go to Queen Square, have a few drinks there in the evening and catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while, which was lovely. But then we decided to go into town and my relaxed evening actually ended in me having a hectic night out (which was actually really great!).

So I started my day feeling sorry for myself and watching Disney movies in my pjs, until I went for a meal with my parents and my boyfriend which actually made me feel so much better. Me and my boyfriend then took a walk around the Harbour Festival again and he got us some ice cream which was lovely. But I am definitely spending the rest of my evening in bed with a face mask on and a magazine in hand. I think I have had enough excitement for one weekend.

After misplacing my favourite ring and feeling icky I have also decided that I’m going to detox for a week or hopefully two, just so I can feel fresh and alive again. I’ve done it before and it actually makes such a difference, I recommend it to anyone who is stupid enough to get as drunk as me.

Tomorrow I am going to sign my contract for work which is exciting and means that it’s one step closer to me working and being able to have a decent wage coming in for the summer. Exciting times.

This weekend has made me realise how lucky I am to live in Bristol and how much I love this city.


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