Goodbye to being a Fresher!

I haven’t posted on here for a while but I have been quite busy with work, which has been horribly stressful. But it’s finally Sunday which means that it’s ok for me to be lazy all day and actually have time to relax. I think that the only good thing about working in catering means that I’m able to work at some pretty cool events. I was able to see a Tom Jones concert Friday evening whilst working at Chepstow Race Course which was definitely worth the eleven hour shift. I was also able to work with my flatmate who I haven’t seen for ages so we had a cute catch up.

I also managed to move all of my stuff out of my flat in Cardiff Saturday which was really sad. I’m going to miss living there so much, even if it was a mess most of the time. I loved being able to live with my friends and spend so much time with the girls, going to uni was definitely a good decision.

But whilst living there I really didn’t think through how much stuff I was constantly buying for my room. I had almost a whole van full of stuff, including two big suitcases full of clothes (which is surprising as I always moan I have nothing to wear). If anyone is going to university in September I advice you not to fill your room with too much ‘pretty stuff’ because it’s a nightmare having to pack over 20 candles.

I’m going back to Cardiff on Thursday for once last night out with the girls, which is definitely going to end in us all being emotional wrecks. I can’t wait though. It’s the Harbour Festival this weekend in Bristol too, which means that I have a lot to look forward to this weekend and I can actually enjoy it.

I feel like I have written a load of rubbish but I suppose that’s what a blog is for. After spending my whole day watching Catfish with my boyfriend I am going to put on a face mask and enjoy an early night in bed with a good book.

I just realised that after squinting to read what I was writing, I even didn’t have my glasses on. Well done me.

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