The end of an amazing experience.

I am finally back in Bristol! I haven’t wrote on here because I have been quite busy, but the past few days have been lovely.
Friday at work was great, I worked on the Mr Men magazines which was really cool because I used to read the books as a child and it was nice to be a part of the team. It was my last day today and everyone was so lovely to me. I really am grateful for having the opportunity to work with them it’s unreal. I haven’t met a single person there who I haven’t got on with and they gave me the best feedback possible. They actually told me how impressed they were with me and how they think that I would do great in the industry, which obviously made me a really happy girl.

After being wished the best of luck by so many people, I spent the night out having drinks in Hammersmith which was great. I had the best last night ever and I even got a bit emotional at the fact that I had to leave the team and return to a boring waitress job for the rest of the summer. But the experience I gained over the past week was unbelievable and I don’t think I could have went to a better company to do my work experience.

So after a lively night out, I decided to wake up the next day and go to Camden Market. I made the most of my last day in London and was able to have a quick morning of shopping before returning to Bristol. Camden is beautiful and I am so happy that I had the chance to visit it whilst being in London.

I returned to Bristol with a huge smile on my face and ready to tell everyone about my experience. I then spent a lovely evening with my boyfriend, catching up on the past week and finally relaxing in my own bed. My Sunday was then spent having cocktails with my Mum and my friend which was a perfect end to the week. I have honestly had the best time ever and I feel proud of myself for actually going ahead and doing it. It’s definitely been a week I won’t forget.



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