Day Two of Work Experience!

So my second day of work experience is now done and I am honestly ready to start working now!
Yesterday I got the chance to look through all of the post sent in to the magazine company and choose which letters to publish in the magazine which was pretty cool. They then let me research information to add in the magazines which was fun. I didn’t think it could get any better but today definitely topped it.

First they taught me how to use InDesign which I am so grateful for as I will definitely be needed to use that in the future. After speaking to many people who work there, they have all told me that it’s important to be trained in it if I want to get a good job in the industry, so now I actually know what I am doing it will hopefully give me more of a chance of doing well. After spending all morning learning how to use the program, they let me write a piece for them which covered three pages. Not only did they let me write the piece but then I had the chance to design how I would like the page to be set out. I had so much fun creating my own work and I was even more impressed when they told me that I would be able to have my piece published. Today is a good day and I couldn’t of asked for a better work experience.

After the excitement of today I decided to spend my evening going for a walk in Hyde Park and having a good look around Barnes which was lovely. I am so looking forward to go to work tomorrow and then going to Camden Market once I have finished. London is lovely and I couldn’t think of a better place to spend my week.




river thames

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